Friday, July 31, 2015

Friday Beauty - After Sun Products

As most of you know, I just came back from a week at the beach and I took full advantage of that time! I soaked up the sun as much as I could and I was rocking the best tan! One of my best since my life guarding days so that's saying a lot! I was safe about it too. I wore sunscreen with 30 SPF, sat under our canopy when I needed a breather, and reapplied sunscreen when needed. And for those who really know me, know this is very uncharacteristic of me! 

But with all of that, I did over-indulge one day. I still wore sunscreen, and sat under the canopy when needed, but on this particular day I wore a suit that was cut much differently than the ones I had been wearing. Fresh skin was exposed and it seemed no amount of sunscreen was going to help! By late afternoon, I was sporting a slight burn in those areas that hadn't seen sun in a very long time. What did I do post sun exposure? I applied my product to help soothe the burn. 

I love the Banana Boat after sun lotion. I've been using it for years. The lotion is thick, soothing, smells amazing, and really helps extend your tan. On the other hand, the aloe vera gel is something that I use when the burn really needs a cooling agent. This burn wasn't that bad, but had I known my mom had this with her, I would have definitely applied immediately.

So what do you do when you don't have these products at your finger tips or under your bathroom sink? Look no further than your kitchen. Have a bottle of white vinegar in your cabinet? Then you have a sunburn soothing product on your hands! Simply apply with cotton balls to the over-exposed area and it will sooth the burn. It stinks, but it works! What do you think about that? I would say that's a pretty good beauty and kitchen hack, no?

What do you do when you get a sunburn? Please share! Everyone needs a little summer sun product advice. Including this beauty blogger!

Happy Friday, Beauties!

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