Wednesday, July 15, 2015

My Vacation Packing How-To

  I had the biggest challenge of my life! No, it was college finals before graduation or giving birth to my son. It was packing for an eleven day trip while sharing a suitcase with my son. Oh, and with very little space, in an already over-crowded car, that will be packed to the gill with my parents things as well. Wouldn't you consider that a challenge? The good thing about all of this is that the beach house will have a washer and dryer. That helped a little.

But I'm still looking at eleven days away from my closet which is so hard for me. I love going on vacation, like love going on vacation, but I always over-pack and I even then never have enough. In my opinion, of course. So I challenged myself with repeatable pieces, very few accessories, and just three pairs of shoes. That's right, three pairs of shoes! Here we go....

If you can't wear a palm themed top to the beach, when can you? I immediately thought of this cute Lilly Pulitzer for Target top when packing. And I thought it would look cute with my distressed white jeans or my pique white shorts. Dressy and casz covers all my bases. And I decided if I'm going white, I need to pack my blue and white striped top to the mix.

I mixed in some silver jewelry, a super neutral sandal, and a cross-body bag that replace a large handbag for the trip.

This LWD dress from Target is going to serve multiple purposes. First off, it's a dress and I can go with either black or natural accessories. But I also plan to use at a swimsuit cover-up. I perfect piece for taking morning walks on the beach!

I love it with all tough black and gold! It just takes the dress up a notch!

But I also love it with the tans and browns. Honestly, this dress is a chameleon!

So here's what I'm wearing on the road. I freeze in the car, mostly because my dad blares the air, so it's all about jeans and light weight tops. This gingham top is paper thin so it's perfect for trips in and out of the car. And, how cute will it be with either the white jeans or pique shorts? And I'm taking tennis shoes to help keep my feet warm! Seriously, he blasts the air!

For day two, it's repeat on the jeans and one of my favorite striped tees. I went with sandals, just in case, but will probably revert back to the Converse! I will definitely pack a pair of socks for the road.

I'm throwing in my mint green eyelet shorts. How cute will the on the road tops look?

Do you remember this little find from last summer? Coming in at under $10, this dress was worth the investment! Now, paired with my sandals of the summer and gold accessories, it's a great day option. But I'm also thinking of wearing it as a cover-up for morning walks.

I would never forget to pack my favorite denim cut-offs! And, because you never know it if it might cool on the beach, I've added a couple of my favorite summer sweatshirts.

Am I ready? Absolutely! Am I packed appropriately for the next 11 days, I haven't a clue. Here's hoping! Now to start packing McKinley....

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