Tuesday, July 14, 2015

My DIY - Bar Cart

  Does anyone remember this cart? I blogged about it a couple of weeks ago, but I hadn't really done anything with it. Between rain, windy days, and just no time, it sat all alone in my garage. I even packed it up and took it over to my parents house thinking I would get to it over there. Didn't happen. Then my son got this wild hair to spend the entire day on Sunday outside. That's right! It was 90+ and we spent the entire day outdoors. So what does one do after they've weeded the flower beds and hoed the garden? Work on a bar cart!

Here are the materials I'm planning to use on the cart.

I got to work on the legs. After consulting with my husband, we thought the best approach would be to take the legs off and work on each piece separately. Since I plan to spray paint the whole thing, it's best to do it in individual pieces than trying to cover up things and painting them by accident. The legs were attached by screws and nuts so I originally went at them with an adjustable wrench. Then my husband reminded me that he had a ratcheting screwdriver. Perfect! However, the nuts had rusted so it made it a little harder to remove. I was able to get four of the eight while Joel helped loosen the rest. Or should I say, I loosened them... Let's just say, I finally got it all removed.

The legs are now removed and looking rather rough around the edges. This little guy is full of rust, but in spots, not all over. I decided to see what a little fine grade steel wool would do. See for yourself. It made a world of difference. There are still specks of rust, but really hard to detect. And they would be fine, if I were going to leave them silver, but I'm not!

I painted them glossy black! Here's what I did. I took drop paint cloths and cardboard out in the yard and placed the legs a pretty decent width apart. I proceeded to spray lightly back and forth across each leg making sure it covered nicely without drips. Then I moved each leg so it wouldn't stick to the spot where I painted. I let it dry for several hours before I rotated each leg to spray on the other side. I will continue to do that until all sides are complete. 

I also sprayed the carts handle. I love, love, love the contrast against the yellow! Can you imagine what the red will look like? I'm thinking amazing! I plan to really cover the top to ensure no black paint gets on the yellow.

 Up next? Cleaning the shelves and prepping them for paint. And my dad and I have a game plan for the mirrored back. I honestly think this bar cart is going to be so chic! 

Stay tuned...

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