Friday, July 17, 2015

Friday Beauty - Travel Toiletries

When packing for a trip, I am not one to take a ton of toiletries. I like to try and pack as light as possible. And I don't pack a large cosmetics bag. It's the bare essentials. So when packing up my toiletries, I hit the travel aisle at my drugstore! It's a great place to get smaller versions of your everyday products and an awesome way to test new products. And sometimes you find surprise products like dry shampoo! I was so excited to find a travel can! And aren't those tiny loofahs the best! Here are some of the ones I'm taking along.

I also hang on to all of my samples from Clinique Bonus time! That's the best time to hoard all of your favorites in mini versions! And, you get cute little cosmetic bags to boot! That brings me to another packing point. Don't take all of your cosmetics. Bring along your daily essentials, and a few select tools, but stick to one eyeshadow pallete, one liner, and your mascara. No need to bring it all!

I pack all of my stuff in clear plastic bags. Mine came as part of a Mary Kay travel kit and I love them. If something spills, you simply wipe it out and move on. Definitely something to think about investing in, if you don't have something similar already. 

Happy Friday, Travel Beauties!!

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