Thursday, July 16, 2015

Cocktail Confessions - Stormy Seas

 A week from today we will have officially been on the beach for four days and I'm hoping we will have loved every minute of it! So to pay homage to the beach, more specifically the ocean, I'm bringing you a new cocktail! We're calling this one Stormy Seas. Just look at the color! It starts out all calm and royal blue. Then it takes on the ominous look that comes with a stormy sea. 

It doesn't taste stormy though! It's quite the citrusy sip. Check out the recipe below!

Here's what you'll need:
Curacao, Vodka, Orange Juice

Fill a jigger with vodka. Pour one each into each glass. Again, I am loving the Mason jars!!

Pour a jigger full of the Curacao and then pour half into each glass.

 Add a splash of orange juice to each glass and stir. Watching the crystal blue waters change to stormy seas is pretty cool, no?

And here you have the Stormy Seas! It's gorgeous!

I will be drinking a lot of the drinks we've made over the next week or so, and hopefully, bring you something new while on vacay! In the meantime, cheers!

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