Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Snow Day/Sick Day/SATC

So here's the scenario. I've been sick since Friday and today we are supposed to get upwards of seven inches of snow! When I was a kid, snow days/sick days, meant time on the couch watching my favorite TV classics. There was Leave it to Beaver, Bewitched, and The Brady Bunch. Today, when I think of a snow day/sick days, I think of TV show marathons on the level of Sex and the City! The fashion, the friendships, the fashion....

I not only own all seasons on DVD, but E! has mid-afternoon marathons as well! I'm covered! So in thinking of SATC, I started thinking of some of my favorite Carrie looks. If I can't get dressed up this week, why not blog about such an icon style!

Why am I so intimidated by my tulle skirt? Here is a prime example of how to style one and style it so effortlessly! Maybe it's because I live in Overland Park, not NY, and I worry about the judging eye of those around me. I need to get over that and get skirt out on the town!

Season three was one of my favorite style seasons! Carrie really explored the 70s in a very high fashion way! She was dating the City Treasurer elect and needed to look the part of the first lady! I love this look! A camel wrap dress, over-sized shades, loads of gold bangles, and I can only imagine fabulous shoes! This is actually a look anyone can pull off today!



This fur coat seemed to be the quintessential piece that Carrie owned! I've looked high and low for something similar and I've finally found it on sale at Anthropologie! It's on my wish list, and I'm constantly keeping an eye on it! Just hoping the price goes down a little....Okay, I just purchased it. Carrie made me do it!

Carrie sported a crop-top before they were ever on trend! They are everywhere in 2014, and if I had abs like these, I just might consider the look. However, I did just read in Lucky Magazine that if you're not a crop-top girl, wear it as a layering piece. I can do that!

And finally...the most iconic look of all seasons...the Paris dress! I adore this look. I would love to wear this dress! It's amazing, just like the fashion and friendships of Sex and the City!

 As the snow is falling, and the fever wears on, I hope to just lay around on the couch and get some time with the girls of the city! What are some of your favorite looks from season past? And if the SATC isn't your show, which marathon do you prefer to watch? 

Photo one courtesy of Elspeth Jane.
Photo two courtesy of Polyvore.
Photo third courtesy of Sophie and Anna.
Photo four courtesy of She Knows.
Photo five courtesy of Coco's Tea Party.

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