Thursday, February 6, 2014

My Closet - A Work in Progress

  This is my closet! Okay, so I wish this were my closet! How amazing is this work of art?
This is my actual closet. Pathetic, huh? I've always said that in our next house, a house that we will probably never move into, will be a five bedroom and the fifth bedroom will be transformed into my very own closet! Until then, I have my very own closet(s), just one that looks like this!

I've thought and thought and thought about ways to transform it. I've looked and looked for a space in my house to create a closet, but we just don't have it available! I'm currently thinking of taking one of our storage closets in the basement and turn it into a "seasonal" closet. A closet where I would house spring during winter and then rearrange to the next season. (No true plans are in place. Just in my head.)

So what to do with this tiny closet that's filled to the brim? I really need to get rid of the tiny chest of drawers. It's truly taking up too much space! More clothes will fit from my other closet, freeing up that space for an expanding McKinley wardrobe. I need to consolidate my sweaters into one box, or several for under the bed storage. And what to do with the shelf space that is truly a mess I fight every time I look for a pair of jeans.

I have a possible solution for the jeans. Remember when I organized my handbags? Well, I've purchased one for my closet to house jeans! Get rid of the ones I truly can't wear, won't wear, will never fit in again, and house only the ones I wear daily or often. What do you think?

I also need to evaluate tons of things within my closet. How many scarves do I really need? I'm a wearing all those shoes (yes there are more where they came from) hanging from shoe bags inside said closet? Do I need the pieces of jewelry I never really wear? They're just collecting dust, taking up space, and needing a new home. 

I consider this space my work in progress. I will check in every now and then to give you updates on how the clean out is going. I will also share ideas of space saving along the way. I can't be the only with a closet this small, right?

Until then....if you need me, I'll be cleaning and sorting and weeding out and crying... I think a glass of champagne is in order.

Closet photo courtesy of Eye for Design.

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