Monday, February 10, 2014


With winter comes a lack luster of pretty much everything for me. I am so tired of my sweaters, which normally I adore. I'm over boots of any kind, especially the Sporto's I've been sporting for over a week. I'm tired of a coat over every outfit that's also paired with a scarf, a hat, and gloves! Do you see a pattern here? I've simply tired!

I'm always trying to mix things up with shoes, makeup, handbags, and accessories, but sometimes I real change is needed! I am due for a cut and color later this week and I need some hair inspiration, or hairspiration, if you will! Because of the natural curl, I'm always afraid of trying new styles or going to short, but I love looking at all the amazing cuts that are out there! Dreaming about what my locks would look like that if it weren't for the curl or the wrong facial features. I long for a wedge cut, blunt bangs, ombre color, but I know I'm not that edgy or daring. 

I've been browsing the net and here's what I've come up with. Join me as I peruse the hair stylings of the rich, famous, and bloggers I follow! 

I love this cut!! And Drew looks amazing! 

I love the long side swept bang and slight bob of this cut on Heidi!

I love the texture and the length on Scarlett. Wonder if I could pull that off?

I had to throw a couple of brunettes in there, right? It appears, via the web, that only blondes get short hair! This was an original hairspiration several cuts ago!

This recent hair cut is what started it all! I love the choppy/piece cut on Kendi. Seriously thinking of copying!

And the bangs! I love bangs. I so wish I could wear them! And when Botox is needed, I will go straight to the bangs. Mark my word! 

I love how effortlessly these ladies wear them. I love that Rachel's are just a blunt bang. Looks amazing with this hat!

I adore Mandana's bangs! Blunt, side swept, chic, and effortless. And if you don't know Mandana Dayani, she is the Vice President, and right hand woman, to Rachel Zoe. God she's cool!!

Jessica just recently added bangs to her do! I love them. Again, they are just effortless and I love the ombre effect of her current color. So chic!

Chic looks from pretty fabulous women, wouldn't you say? Now, which one to chose. Which one will actually work for me? I need something low maintenance, sophisticated but a little edgy. Something that makes this 40 year old feel amazing. That's nothing short of impossible! Stay tuned.....

Photo of Kendi courtesy of Kendi Everyday.
Photo of Jessica courtesy of What I Wore.

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Tanvi from said...

Great Hair Inspiration. Love the do on Drew!

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