Tuesday, February 11, 2014

I'm Royalty!

Coat: J.C.Penney (old); Sweater: Ann Taylor; Skirt: Rachel Zoe; Tights: We Love Colors;
Boots: Aquatalia; Scarf: ?; Gloves: Target; Shades: MARC by Marc Jacobs; Lip Color: MAC Dark Side

Apparently, I can only wear this sweater with leather (real or faux) because that's how I've paired it here and here! I have worn it with jeans but have never taken photos of that look. I will have to wear it again on the weekend to capture a newish look!

I'm not even sure why I wore a necklace yesterday because I lived in my scarf! It was freezing, which is when a leather mini is a perfect choice, but I had worn jeans for so long that I was excited to dress up! These boots are awesome. They are an all weather boot, lined too, so they're perfect for braving slush, salt, grime, and cold weather. And, Princess Kate has them as well. Does that mean I'm royalty? Yes, yes it does....

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