Thursday, March 29, 2012

Your Style Personality + Key Pieces

Yesterday on Twitter, Lucky Magazine provided a style personality quiz, and based on the results, it informed the reader of their style personality. Well, based on my result, mostly B's, I am Effortless Boho. I have to say, they were right on the nose! And, based on being Effortless Boho, they provided me key pieces that I needed in my wardrobe. Turns out, I already have most them there.

According to Lucky, Effortless Boho means "Your take on the bohemian look is comfortable but clean and elegant. You look for outfits that you could wear for a day on the beach and shopping with friends." They couldn't be more right! I do love to dress up, especially for work from time to time, but I do love to dress for comfort while maintaining a stylish edge. Here are the piece they say I need, the pieces I already have, and how I've worn them.

Peasant Tops:
I have to say, I haven't owned a peasant top in years. And, I owned only one and didn't hang on to it for very long. Now, I do have loose fitting tops that could be considered peasant. I often wear them belted so I can define my waist and lose some the bulk. 

 Flare Jeans:
Check! I love flare jeans! I feel they make legs look longer and can be very slimming. I actually find that I wear that style just as often as my boyfriend!

Wooden Platform Sandals:
In reviewing my footwear, it appears I have a lot of wooden soled shoes, but not many wooden platforms. I say I need to remedy that! In the meantime, here is a look at my wooden shoe collection.



Denim Jacket:
For me, there has been only one denim jacket worn through out the years of my blog. Okay, through out the two years of this blog, but it has suited me well. I do need to invest in one that's a tad longer and in a darker wash, but until then, this is a trusty staple! Thank goodness my mom held on to this for all those year. A true vintage piece!

You can take the Lucky Style Quiz here. Let me know what your personal style file holds for you!

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