Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Cleaning; The Makeup Bag

As spring approaches, I find that I start wearing lighter shades of eye shadow, pinkier shades of blush and neutral lip color, when I remember to apply! And, as I started thinking about the switch, I realized how low I am on all of my current essentials! Clinique, I need a Bonus Time and now!!

What do I need from said Bonus Time, you ask. Well, here are some of the essentials either missing or running low in this gal's bag of tricks!

I love their simply put Exfoliating Scrub. I don't use it every day, maybe three days as a week, and I love how my face feels after each use. It truly leaves my skin feeling smooth and super clean. And the scent will wake even the most unlikely morning person! 

I'm finding that as I apply my mascara, I'm starting to get Tammy Faye Baker lashes! They appear spidery and flaky! Pretty sure it's time to replace! I really like the High Definition Lashes Brush Then Comb. And speaking of eyes, I am loving the Quickliner for eyes. It was a sample in my last Bonus Time bag and I'm down to the nub! The one given was in Black/Brown, but I'm thinking I might try Really Black. However, I see they are introducing a new Quickliner for Eyes Intense! They claim you can find all the intensity of a liquid liner in one simple stroke. May need to test that out!


And while I'm shopping for these items I'm needing, I always seem to find something new! While browsing the Clinique site for this blog, I found their Almost Spring Clinique 2012. I think I might try their new Blushwear Cream Stick in Rosy Blush and their Almost Lipstick in Chic Honey. (Side note about Almost Lipstick. I currently own Black Honey and love the color and feel.)


What's in your bag for Spring?

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