Monday, March 12, 2012

Prints, Flowing and Bright - Oh My!

As spring approaches, I've been reviewing the current trends to determine how I will fill my closet. Do I want to add brights or stay with neutrals? Do I want longer hemlines or short when it comes to dresses and skirts? Do I want to add floral, something that's currently lacking or continue with my love of stripes? The answer is, all of the above! I am loving the bright colors that designers are offering. Such a difference from the drab black and gray I seemed to sport all winter. And if I can't decide about my hemline, why not go with the dresses that have an asymmetrical one instead! I have always contributed florals with that of a girly-girl, something I have never been! However, there are so many options, and in so many styles, that I think I have to make an exception to my own girly-girl rule and add them to this "broads" closet!


1) This dress from Anthropologie is amazing! The bold color, over-sized florals and offset neckline make this dress a major investment piece! 

2) Those palazzo pants are calling my name! Perfect over a swimsuit when walking the beach (on vacation of course) or paired with strappy sandals and worn to the office, I can just sense the comfort I would get with every wear.

3) I loved this skirt for weeks now! I go to Anthropolgies's site constantly to drool over it and pray that it will be "just the right price". Sadly, I continue to just drool!
4) I never in a million years would have thought about these pants until I saw them on Kristal Bick of This Time Tomorrow. I love this look and plan to "borrow" it! So chic and not over-the-top girly!

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