Monday, November 28, 2011

Thankful Weekend

There were many outfits but not many photos captured. With it being a holiday weekend, I focused more on time with family than getting a picture taken. There were family photos to commemorate McKinley's first Thanksgiving and let me be the first to tell you how smart he looked! He was decked out in style wearing a brown multi-colored striped cardigan with shawl collar, a cream long-sleeved polo shirt and brown herringbone pants with suspenders! Adorable, right?

I chose to wear the traditional Thanksgiving color, orange. Nothing fancy here, just dark denim and brown suede booties. One needs to be comfy while parked on the couch watching the parade and later while sitting around a festive table for dinner. The necklace was something I won in a random drawing from Halls. I entered several weeks ago for a handbag not knowing it was a store wide drawing. Got the call one week after my birthday and it felt like my birthday all over again!

This year, I have so much to be thankful for. As I looked around at my little family, and that of my parents as well, I felt blessed. Not only for a loving family, food on the table and shelter over our heads, but to also have such a stylish little family too boot! Hey, this is a style blog after all! ;-)

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