Friday, May 29, 2015

Friday Beauty: Honest

 The Honest Company. I've heard and read about the Honest Company simply because of actress Jessica Alba, but I never really thought to try their products. Founded in 2011, the company is all about honest products that are organic, without chemicals, and eco-friendly. I have never really been an organic girl. Then I had McKinley. I use Johnson and Johnson because they've been around forever. I wasn't really all that picky about diapers, but I preferred Huggies to any other brand, and I always used their wipes that were chemical free. He drinks organic milk and all his baby food was organic in nature. However, I never thought to try anything from Honest during his infancy. I wish I had. Have you seen how cute their diaper designs are?? Adorable!

Now, I'm a regular user of most of their products! I signed up for their essential bundle about three months ago and I've been mixing and matching my products each month. I'm using cleansers for the house, lotions and wipes for McKinley, and various body products for myself. My favorites so far are the organic bug spray, the organic body oil, the honest wipes, and the gel hand sanitizer. I love the household cleansers, but since this is a beauty post, I won't talk specifically about them. Just know they're good.

The sunscreen is thick and applies smoothly, but I find it to be bit greasy. When I applied on McKinley, I noticed instantly that his hair was oily from the application at his neck and face. When I use Water Babies, I don't see that happen. Something I could over look, since bath time is nightly in the summer, but something I wanted to pass along. I love that fact that there are zero scents. The bug spray is slightly scented, but it's not that chemically smell you get from other brands like Off. It's clean, and best of all, it works!!! We used it for the first time over Memorial Day weekend and he was bug bite free. Going to stock up on this stuff!

In this month's bundle, I added a few new things. I'm going to give the organic deodorant a try. I'm leery! When I think organic, I think it's not going to work and that I'll be a smelly girl within an hour. But, I will never know until I try. I spritzed this the other night and it smells amazing. Not overpowering, like it's the only scent I would be able to wear for the day, and I'm thinking I won't have the white powdery residue to contend with all summer. I'll keep you posted.

I'm always looking for a good lip balm so I'm going to give these a whirl as well. It's a cute little pack of three and the two scented ones smell great! And for Mother's Day, I got a freebie so I'm passing it along to my mom to try as well. (I also sent her the organic body oil and she loved it too!)

Honestly, this company is great and great to work with! The ordering process is super easy, you can change up your bundle monthly to suit your needs, and it ships every four weeks, but you can adjust the time frame in which you need it. So many products to chose from that you really can go completely organic for the entire family!

If you are currently using their product line, tell us what your favorites are. If not, are you willing to give them a try? Which ones might you use? Let's discuss!

Happy Friday, Beauties!

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