Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Working Girls Closet

Here are the exact contents of my main closet (yes I have two) and as you can see, it contains the pieces of one Corporate American working girl. A no longer working in Corporate American girl and I'm struggling. I'm struggling to find inspiration from my closet. I'm struggling to find daily looks that work for daily life with my son. I'm simply struggling. And it's evident in my lack of blog posts. (I also struggle with how to organize a 1960s closet that comes complete with one rod and one shelf! Seriously!!)

 My current closet consists of pencil skirts, sheath dresses, dress pants, and rows and rows of heels. A wardrobe I curated for fifteen years. One that is perfect for a day job in a cubicle environment . But now, these pieces are no longer a part of who I am. Maybe they will be one day, which I hope isn't true, but how do I part with them or incorporate them into my new daily life?


I told my husband about a week ago that I'm tired of wearing boyfriend jeans. I love them, but I'm tired of them. We're on the cusp of summer, if it would EVER STOP RAINING! And with summer comes shorts, casual dresses, and cute sandals. And bathing suits with darling cover-ups. Looks that I can't wait to start creating, sporting, blogging about, and squealing over in excitement. But until then, I can't seem to find anything to wear. Insert eye roll here...

Over the course of the next week or so, I may not be blogging about daily looks until I can find my voice again. It might be a new voice, but I know I need one. I might blog about what I want my new closet to look like. I might blog about how I am plan to clear out my existing one. I might even give a tutorial on how to really examine ones wardrobe and how to make difficult decisions when parting with its contents. One that might make me shed a tear every now and then. But I believe it's time to take a fresh look at something that's a little outdated. 

Will I fill it with brand new pieces? Probably not. I'm on a budget these days and it's not one that calls for new clothing. I might pick up a piece here and there that compliments my new wardrobe, but it won't be a large shopping spree. And it doesn't need to be. It just needs to fill the requirement of cute, comfortable, functional, and chic.

If you are a faithful Style My Way reader, I hope you stick it out with me! It's going to be a fun journey. If you're new to the blog, I welcome you to the journey as well. It should make for some interesting posts, dizzying styling challenges, and a hopeful profit on Poshmark! 

Stay tuned, Fashionista's!! 

A small closet dream! Maybe someday!

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