Friday, May 8, 2015

Friday Beauty: Tortoise Shell and New Cuts

It is finally time to color my hair! And, if you've been looking closely at my photos lately, you can see why! The gray stripe is back, or Pepe Le Pew as my dad calls it, and I'm so ready for it to go back into hiding. And, just like always, I'm itching to do something new. I've experimented with highlights, a version of ombre that was entirely too light for me (live and learn, right), and then back to a darker shade of brown. With spring here, and summer on the horizon, I'm looking to mix things up. 

I've doing a little research on Pinterest and I'm a new fan of the Tortoise Shell hair! It's a mix of dark and caramel browns, and little highlights that comes in various lights and darks. I'm also thinking of taking a little more off the ends. Like my little cousin Madison once told my aunt after she cut her hair, at the ripe old age of nine, "It's only hair. I grows back." Very wise, Madison. Very wise! But because of the natural curl, I have to be very careful in how short I cut my locks. And, I have to factor in the humidity that's heading our way. So many things to consider before taking too much off. 

Here are some of the colors and cuts I'm considering. I have to say that my favorite color combo is the one on the top left. As for the cut style, it appears that they are all pretty much the same style. I guess when I find something I like, I stick with it! Check out what I'm thinking!

The actual hair appointment isn't until next Wednesday so you have plenty of time to weigh in! What do you think of the color? Do the cuts appeal to you? Have any other suggestions? 

Happy Friday, Beauties!

All images found on Pinterest!

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