Thursday, February 16, 2012

My Bad

I told myself that 2012 would bring more to And McKinley Makes Three and well, this is the first post since then! My bad! McKinley has entered his tenth month and so much has happened! I asked him on this ten month birthday what we could expect. I asked, will we see more teeth? Would he learn to walk? Would he ever crawl? Well, he has started cutting two more teeth (four total at the moment), cruises the coffee table at warp speed (nothing on his own) and he finally started the army crawl. I keep telling him he would get places faster if he actually tried crawling on his knees, not slithering the floor on his tummy. Just like any child, he refuses to listen to his mother!

Nine Months
Ten Months
Our first real snow fall came on my mom's birthday and I was so lucky to have the day off to spend with both her and McKinley. We only got a couple of inches, but McKinley was amazed. When I put his little hand in the snow, he gripped it and immediately pulled away looking at me as if I had done something horribly wrong. Priceless indeed! We waited until Daddy got home to put on our snowsuit and if he wasn't the cutest thing I've ever seen! If you don't believe me, just look at him!

First Snow
The following day was his first Valentine's Day and his little onesie says it all! Granddaddy took him to The Guitar Center to pick out his own "guitar" and he loves it! He is a musical child prodigy in the making! Apparently, he entered the store, spotted all the guitars and immediately began to sing. I should probably have professed this by saying he has a music lesson with my dad every morning. My dad plays guitar and they sing. Recently, he started letting McKinley strum hence McKinley's own guitar for Valentine's Day. I love that we might have a musical child in the making. Up next, sports for a very well-roundedness (my own word)!

First Valentine's Day
First "Guitar"
And boy does he love to play!!! We created a little play area for him in our den and he knows it's his little space to sprawl out and make his own! His favorite thing to do is to get all his toys off of the shelves whether he plays with any of them or not! And, he loves pulling himself up on the second shelf and just stand! We call him "standing man"! If he were a super hero, that would be his skill! STANDING! Kid cracks me up!

Finally, he loves water! Little "waterbug" as we call him. He has these squitters that float around in the tub with him, but he favors the swan. They're little animals, a set of 10, that fill up with water and then you squirt the water out of their mouths. We actually have more fun with them than he does! I would post pics of him in the tube, but I don't want to be brought up for child porn! Just trust me, he loves bath time!

Again, I am going to make a concerted effort to blog more about our adventures. So far, 2012 has been amazing! What I can't believe is that I'm starting to think about his first birthday! I have exactly seven weeks from tomorrow! EEKK!!!! We have a theme in mind, and if the day is pretty, we plan to hit the zoo. We love the zoo! Here's hoping....and planning....

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