Monday, December 5, 2011

Stylish Female Celebrity Week

I have decided to dedicate the month as December as "Theme Month". In keeping with the festive mood this time of year brings, I thought I would keep my blog light and festive as well. Last week I explored the world of faux fur as it existed in my closet and because I channeled Kourtney Kardashian at the end of last week, I thought I would keep that celebrity vibe going. 

I asked you as friends and readers to provide me with names of stylish female celebrities and boy did you! I had some excellent selections and the final decision was hard. I have chosen four looks from four different stylin' ladies and will re-create those looks from pieces in my wardrobe. I have not purchased a single piece to meet this task! And, that's how the final decisions were made. It didn't have to do with who I thought was more stylish, because they all are, but because I had similar pieces that I could work with daily. 

The top four ladies I've chosen to channel are: 1) Gwen Stefani, 2) Gwnyeth Paltrow, 3) Sarah Jessica Parker and 4) Reese Witherspoon. And, I chose four because I'm only working four days this week. (Friday is a vacation day which entails baking and cleaning. I'm not suggesting celebrities don't do either, but I will never shower and get dressed just to take a celebrity photo!) 

The ladies who were part of the equation, but didn't make the final cut are: 1) Diane Keaton, 2) Helen Mirren and 3) Anne Hathaway. Below are the looks I entertained.

Diane Keaton:

Helen Mirren: