Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Something New...

Top: Ann Taylor (gift); Jeans: Ann Taylor Loft;
Boots: Camper via Habitat Shoe Boutique;
Bracelets: JewelMint, Fossil, Ralph Lauren;
Watch: Emporio Armani (gift)

I am obsessed with this look! I've actually worn it several different ways, and when I say it, I mean the boyfriend jeans and boots. And I've worn two different versions of my boyfriend jeans and these are my favorite. The slim fit looks better with the ankle boot than those of my fuller legged version. I've experimented with three different sweaters and now this top. Both work well. You will be seeing this look a lot, even though I've worn it four times already and you've never seen it before.

The other new look is the hair! I took the plunge and it cut it. I know it's not a drastic cut, I can't possibly do that with all the curl this hair brings, but I did rid myself of about an inch and a half and I'm very happy with the result. Joel is calling it my "mom cut", but I'm calling it my first step to a new me in 2012!

1 comment:

Ethel Rhodes said...

I love this outfit, Annie!! I like your fancier stuff, but this looks uptown and comfortable at the same time.