Friday, December 16, 2011

Five Key Brights

If you are considering adding brights to your wardrobe, below are my five key piece investing in.

1) A Skinny Belt
2) A Solid Scarf
3) Tone on Tone Shoes
4) A Colorful Sweater
5) A Winter Coat
Five Key Brights

All of these items can be paired with items that already exist in your wardrobe. Wrap the skinny belt around your waist or to your favorite denim. Add a scarf to that plain, white button down. Shoes can be worn with all manner of items. Invest in platform heel for comfort and sass! A pull over can be layered with thin t-shirts or a denim button down. Pair that skinny belt in a complimentary color! And finally, if you're here in the Midwest, you know an overcoat is a must during the winter. Why rely on that same ol' black coat from years past. Jazz up your coat closet with one in cobalt or fuchsia. Both go well with black, gray and white. And who doesn't have those colors already floating around in their wardrobe!

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