Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Wednesday Wants: Gingham, Stripes, and Seersucker

Summer is hopefully around the corner! I'm dreaming of sunny skies and the ability to wear sleeveless, dresses, skirts, and cute shorts. And, while dreaming of these things, I'm doing a little online browsing for super cute items for summer. I've found them too. They come in gingham, stripes, and seersucker which scream summer, in my opinion! And they're so preppy. I always think "summer at the club" when looking at these fabrics and I wouldn't mind sitting at the club, sipping fruity drinks, and not caring about a thing in the world.

In my search, I found dresses, darling over-sized pants, and the cutest shoes! I'm obsessed with the Dr. Scholl's for J.Crew sandals, but nothing beats those amazing gingham block heels! I can see them with everything in my closet! The other thing I'm loving is the exaggerated bow on the shoulder of the striped top and the over-sized gingham of the skirt. Darling!! I honestly love everything in this collage!


Truth be told, I already own the Tommy Hilfiger seersucker pink dress. Isn't it the cutest? But, I simply adore all of these. And check out J.Crew for the blue striped top and pants together. So chic yet effortlessly breezy. A must-have for the office or date night!

I am in a shopping mood, but I've been good and only shopping out of my closet! However, I may have to spring for one of these pieces as an add on. Since they're all classic fabrics, I know I can make them work with any existing piece I already for summer!

Happy Wednesday!

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