Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Wednesday Wants: Fall Crop Tops

Last week I talked about the trendy crop top and how it's sticking around for the fall. I've actually loved my summer tops and the styling challenge that has come along with them. Mine aren't the super tight crop tops the teens and 20s are rocking, but I still feel that I get the same amount of crop even if they happen to be a little more boxy. And, because of that, I feel like I'm staying age appropriate with the trend. A super important styling tip in my book!

So with that said, I've been doing a little research/browsing for the perfect crop tops to take me into fall and possibly winter. And, I've found some super cute styles! And can I just say how much I'm loving that the 70s are back. I mean, they never really left my closet, but I love that fashion is embracing one of the best fashion eras! 

And with that, on to my fall crop top picks!


My personal fave? The eyelet on the top left from Zara. But, I love number 2, 3, and 4! Nothing wrong with number 5, but since I have a striped top in navy, do I really need one in black? Why am I even questioning it! Of course I do!

What do you think of my five fall picks? Would you wear any of these in the coming months? Let me know!

Happy Wednesday!

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Unknown said...

Okay these are totally my kind of crop tops! Love all of these styles - especially the lace and black ones!