Friday, December 5, 2014

Holiday Crafting - Ball Jars

Who doesn't have empty jars from time to time. Jelly jars, pasta sauce jars, or canning jars there always seems to be a jar. I'm a recycler, so usually the jars go in our glass bag for a trip to the recycle bin. Not this month! I've been busy upcycling my jars and making them festive little gifts!

My mom and have been into canning lately, we have a jam canning project in the works, but I also have some empty canning jars that I'm not currently using. I decided to take those jars, spray paint the lids, adorn them with sweet little trees, and add a little yumminess of the non jam kind. See what I did below!

What You'll Need:
Jars of any kind and size. I used pint size Ball Jars.
Miniature Trees
Strong Adhesive - I used E6000
Spray Paint
Candies, Hot Cocoa, Marshmellows

If you're using Ball jars, you know that there is a sealing lid below the screw-top. Take all of those out and put the screw-top aside. You'll use those later. If it's a just a jar lid, follow the steps from here. Simply remove the trees from their packaging, apply a small dot of the adhesive, and place the tree in the very center of the lid. Lightly press so you don't have glue oozing out the sides. Set and aside and move on to the next. Honestly, it's that easy!

How adorable are these little guys? This sight made me so happy!

 Next, take all the lids, including all the Ball jar lid components, to a well ventilated area for spray painting. Lay out a protective surface and place your lids on that. I divided up my lids into groups because I painted both gold and silver. Black would be really sleek as well!

And spray paint! Make sure you get all angles and nooks, and all sides of the trees. So shiny and festive!

 Once everything is dry, begin the assembly. Also, decide early on what you're going to fill the jars with so you are ready to go. I went with a hot cocoa mix and mini marshmallows, various chocolates in fun holiday wrap, and peppermint candies. If you have larger jars, a cookie recipe with all the ingredients is always cute!

I think these are darling! The tree doesn't necessarily make it so holiday that your recipient can't use them all year long. I think they would make great teacher gifts, a fun Secret Santa gift, or party favor. Who doesn't love hot cocoa or candy?! Whatever you decide, it's a great way to re-purpose your jars and a fun crafting activity! 

Happy Gluing!

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