Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Happy Holidays - The Good Stuff

I love this time of year. As I've told my husband in the past, I have a feeling of peace. That even though there's that hustle and bustle that comes with the holidays, there's a sense of joy and calm around me. And I want to spread that peace and joy with others. I mean, isn't that what this whole season is all about in the first place?

I love to give gifts. And I love watching people open the gift they've received! I truly try to think about the perfect gift(s) for my friends and family. Over the past year or so I've really enjoyed giving homemade gifts. There's something so personal about making something with your hands and heart and then passing it on to your loved ones. My favorite gift I've given was homemade apple butter and bread. I was able to spend time in the kitchen with my mom, which I love doing, and everyone who received the goodie basket seemed to be in heaven. Knowing they appreciated such a sweet gift made my heart sing!

Not only do I love giving to the people in my life, I try to make an effort to give to those in need. Any time I see an Angel Tree, I can't help but take one or more angels from the tree. We have so much that I feel it's important to give to those less fortunate. And this year, I'm trying to emphasis this to my three year old son. Together, we took two new toys to a Toys for Totes bin, and I had my son place each toy in the box. I explained to him that there are other little boys and girls that may not have something under their tree this year, and we needed to make sure we could make that happen. I loved watching him give that little gift.

 But even with all that happiness, peace, and joy, sometimes the holidays can be a stressful. One of the things I try to do to alleviate that stress is shop all year. I know that may sound crazy, but why do we feel we have to shop all during the month of December in order to give someone the perfect gift? If I'm out and about and see something I know my husband would love, I get it. If there's that darling pair of earrings I think my girlfriend will wear, I'm at the checkout with that pair in hand. Spreading out my purchases over twelve months really helps my wallet! And, even though I lost my job in April, I'm not feeling that tug on my purse strings because I've had a few things checked off my list for months now. Something to consider come January! 

And speaking of savings during the holiday, hop on over to Coupons.com for some amazing gift giving ideas! I especially love the beauty stocking stuffer ideas! My mom always fills my stocking with some of the cutest beauty needs. For the nail art enthusiast, check out the featured Essie mani set! I love the little The Body Shop gift cubes and tubes! Normally $10, they are offering two for $15! They would be a perfect gift to yourself for saving all that money! They are darling! Headed off to a holiday party and in need of a hostess gift? Check out the Bath and Body Works hand soaps! The packaging is so cute and the price is right at $6.50! And while you're there, enter the Coupons.com "The Good Stuff Holiday Sweepstakes 2014"! It runs from 12/8 to 12/25. They'll be picking three separate winners to win a $100 Amazon gift card, and one winner of a grand prize of a $500 Amazon gift card! And who couldn't use a little extra of the good stuff during the holidays?!? 

Now that I've checked off all the items on my gift giving list, the only thing left to do is wrap! Anyone interested in a wrapping party? No? I guess I'm on my own for that one! 

Let me know what items you might be snagging off the gift giving list! So many ideas that you're bound to find everything you need. Who doesn't love one stop shopping!

This is sponsored post, but all thoughts expressed are my own!

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