Thursday, October 2, 2014

Saturday Afternoon Runway Recap - Kansas City Fashion Week

Saturday afternoon's runway shows were just as wonderful as the shows on Friday. There were six featured designers and I walked away inspired by four! I love that they all varied in their presentation and use of colors. There was plenty of black and white, which we all know I adore, but in the next breath there were vibrant pinks and purples. There was couture and bridal, minimal and streamlined, and tropical with the most amazing headpieces. All of this is why I love fashion. It's constantly evolving and there isn't just one aspect to design. Here is my recap from the shows that afternoon!

WM Couture gave us just that, couture. It was dramatic and full of texture and layers. 



Lauren Bander was a favorite in the spring and I loved what she brought this weekend. The use of flowing fabric was prominent throughout the collection and I loved the use of detail within the fabrics. There were folds and layers and I really liked how she utilized the same fabrics throughout some of the pieces. 




L.O.D. brought the color in the spring with vivid use of yellows and limes. This time around she kept things simple with black and white and a very minimalist approach. Not a lot of fuss, however there was one piece that had the most amazing sleeve! See if you can find it!


And lastly, there was Afielda, which was my favorite of the afternoon. The bold colors were such a contrast to all the black and white and her headpieces were unreal! So fresh, so tropical, so amazing!

The neckline in the dress above and top below was so dramatic and so chic! LOVE! 


So that was my Saturday afternoon! Pretty fabulous, huh? Which is your favorite designer? Honestly, I would wear any of their pieces. Did I mention I love fashion?


awhite said...

That black + white cut-out number is a stunner! I want it nowwwww! :)

Le Stylo Rouge

Style My Way said...

It would look fab on you!! So many cool pieces how can one pick?!?