Friday, October 17, 2014

Chanel Makeover During KCFW - Halls Crown Center

Before the Friday night shows of KCFW, I was asked to join a few of my fellow bloggers for a little primping by makeup artists at the new Halls at Crown Center! It may have taken me most of the day to respond, busy doing mama stuff, but jumped at the opportunity to play! I frequented the original Halls on the Plaza, but had yet to make it to the new location. Nothing prepared me for the experience!

First off, I couldn't believe we were still in Kansas City, let alone standing in Crown Center. The store reminded me of something you would walk into while strolling down Fifth Ave in New York. It's bright, white, enormous, and so luxe! Chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The dressing rooms are larger than my bathroom! And the shoe department....sheer heaven! But I digress.

We were talking about our makeovers, no? I was paired with makeup artist Tesia of Chanel. I couldn't have been happier! I am a huge fan of Chanel products and have used them for years! I have countless pallettes that I wear nearly every day! This quad happens to be my favorite. And for the Saturday night shows, I just happen to be wearing the lipstick I purchased from the event! 

I am not one to wear a lot of makeup. And when I say makeup, I mean actual foundation, bronzer, and powder. And one of the things I've learned, both from the Chanel and Dior makeovers, is that bronzer is a widely used product. I've always been scared of bronzer simply because it's so dark and I'm not quite sure how to apply it. Turns out it's so much easier than one would think! You create the number three by starting at the center of the forehead, bring it around to the top of the cheek bones by your temples, and then bring the curve of the three down to your chin. You only apply bronzer to the outer edge of the face. Easy, right?

For my makeover, Tesia created a smoky eye using the above quad and a cream shadow. She lined my eyes with the Stylo liner in black and used the darker shade within the quad to reinforce. I also loved that she told me she used the bronzer within the shadows as well. Interesting tip! 

Now, I've been in love with a certain Clinique mascara for years now, and I've been trying to break out of my rut and use others on the market. I've tried them and disliked them. When I went back to Clinique to purchase my fav, I found it was DISCONTINUED!!!! Did you hear the scream from Macy's? I guess it's time to find a new mascara and I do believe it's been replaced! I am now in love with Chanel's Le Volume De Chanel in black. Always black!

Isn't that the coolest smoky eye!?! I love it. Now I just need to invest in the quad and cream shadow. And speaking of investing, I purchased the lipstick Tesia applied for the night. It is the perfect berry for fall. It's not terribly dark, but transitions from the brights I found myself wearing all summer. It's their Rouge Allure Velvet, a long wearing matte lipstick, and it's true to its claim! I hardly reapplied the entire night! The color I purchased is 40 LA SENSUELLE.

And here is the final look! I loved it. So natural yet a little dramatic! This is why I love Chanel. Their makeup artists just get it. They know what products work best for your skin tone, they listen when you tell them your likes and dislikes in daily application, and they make you look like the best version of you! Thank you Tesia!

If you haven't been to the new Halls in Crown Center, what are you waiting for? In addition to all the luxury that the store has to offer, they also have the H Bar which is where we sipped complimentary beverages prior to the shows. What girl wouldn't accept a little sip of bubbly to kick off a Friday night with friends? If only I was being pampered like this again tonight! 

Happy Friday!

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You look absolutely stunning!

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