Thursday, October 9, 2014

At Peace with Althea Harper - Project Runway at KCFW

   Althea Harper had the most relaxed runway show of the night. And I use relaxed for lack of a better word because it was just so easy, minimal, and looked so chic yet comfortable. I loved how flowy everything was, how it was all truly ready-to-wear, and the print within each piece was so delicate. Even the swimwear was something I could actually wear out of the house. I consider this the best travel wear I've ever wanted to pack for a weekend getaway to anywhere!





This was my favorite look of the night. I love a great maxi dress and this one just took it up a notch! The print had a subtle psychedelic feel, and if you look close, you see an eye. I....totally need this! 

Althea had a soft approach to the runway which was refreshing. Sometimes you get such intricate pieces that are super structured and quite dramatic, which I love, but this show just made me feel at peace. Peace! Such a better word than relaxed, no?


awhite said...

This collection totally makes me want to fast forward to spring and summer and wear EVERY piece!

Le Stylo Rouge

Style My Way said...

It it was a comforting collection yet so chic!

Pialunja said...

awesome post!
Fashion latte with vanilla

Style My Way said...

Thank you!!

Style My Way said...
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