Thursday, September 10, 2015

A Little More Edge

I'm pretty sure I'm not alone when I say that sometimes I feel like I need a complete overhaul when it comes to my signature style. I thought I had a handled on it, but over the last six months or so, I feel like I'm in a style rut and need a complete transformation. I feel like most of the time I walk around in a boyfriend jeans haze with no style direction to speak of. There are times when I feel pulled together, like here, here, and here, but for the most part I feel like I look matronly! A look I so don't ever want to sport. So with that, I'm on a secret mission to make some major changes. And, I'm seeking my mother's help! I know you're thinking, "Who asks their mom for style advice?" But this girl does! She's a lot more help than you would think! Seriously, she's the most honest person I know. Sometimes too honest! 

So while I work on my secret mission, I thought I would also share some thoughts around adding a little more edge here and there. I'm in serious need of edge! I'm soft around the middle, something I'm working on, but the other edge I'm thinking is in terms of my hair. I've had various hair cuts regarding length, and I've changed my hair color numerous times, but it's just not cutting it. No pun intended. I'm thinking I need something a little more edgy, but I haven't a clue how to achieve it. I always feel so restricted because of my curls. There are times when I simply have to rely on the simplicity of having said curls. Throw in a little curl cream and I'm out the door. But I get tired of that day after day. If I were to go super short, there is no way I could wear it curly so that means I would have to spend time styling it. I honestly don't have the time to sit and style my hair on a day to day basis. I don't really want a wash and go look either. I want something that says chic. 

I've been on Pinterest for days looking at short hairstyles and I've found six that I love. They're short, but not too short. They're easily worn, meaning I won't have to style it for an hour before I leave the house. And, I'm thinking I could go curly or straight with very little effort. Some of them you have seen before, I've used them in the past for color options, but I keep coming back to them for a reason. And the reason is because they're so chic. The word I'm looking for in my next hair style. 

Now I know what you're thinking. What does Mandana's look have in common with all the others? Nothing really. What I love most about her look are the bangs! I will never get bangs. I don't have the face, or hair, for them. But when I daydream about having them, this is the look I would want! 

I'm not looking to change my color. If anything, I would take out the ombre and simply go back to a deep brunette. However, I've received so many compliments on the color lately, I'm thinking it might be working for me. As for the actual cut, this girl is ready to make a change. An edgy change for the better!

What do you think of my inspirational cuts? Is there one that you love the most? One you would run out immediately to get? Please share in the comments below. I would love to hear your feedback. I get my hair cut at the end of the month and it can't come soon enough.

As for the secret mission, it all starts next week and I'm so ready to get started. I will be sharing the details with you soon! Stay tuned! 

All photos found are courtesy of Pinterest!

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