Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Wednesday Wants - Camo

When camo first came on the fashion scene, I was leery. It just didn't seem to be a trend I could relate to. I related camo to hunting. But, after I saw some of the really cute pieces season after season, I started hunting for my own signature piece! My mom and I made these cute shorts last summer and I'm thinking of taking the extra fabric and making a skirt for fall. However, I've found five items for fall that I'm loving!

Since I have a pair of shorts, and a possible skirt later this month, I think I might go for an accessory! I love the shoes and handbags. I pop of camo can go a long way. Check out my picks below!


Want to know something super cool about handbag #2? It's reversible! Talk about versatile! Getting tired of the trendy camo print? No worries! Just flip it inside out and it's black! That's a great bang for your buck!
Are you into the camo trend or calling off the hunt? I can't get enough of it and can't decide what to add next!

Happy Wednesday!

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