Tuesday, September 29, 2015

My DIY - The Vintage Hand

Years ago I was a young entrepreneur who had her own jewelry business. I designed, made, and sold my own pieces. I rented booth space for two years at the annual Overland Park Arts and Crafts Fair, I sent out monthly newsletters to my customers, held home parties, and consigned pieces with two boutiques. After several years of sporadic sales, and becoming a repair shop for pieces that weren't mine, I decided to close shop. I loved it and wanted to to become so much more, but in reality, I just didn't have the man power (or funds) to grow it.

My booth decor was very vintage inspired. I hung pieces from antique jewelry boxes, wrought iron stands, and this vintage ceramic hand. It was one of my favorites and my rings looked darling dangling from the funky piece. It's actually one of the only pieces I kept. I've tried incorporating into my bedroom several times, but the white and pink dots just simply clashed. Then I got the brilliant idea to paint it gold! Where this idea was five years ago is beyond me!

So ran to Michael's and picked up a couple of tiny cans of gold spray paint and got to work. 

At first I was worried about the polka dots. They're raised so I thought I might take sandpaper and try to sand them down. But then I feared I would completely ruin the piece. So I painted right over them. The result, cute! I don't mind the dots and they aren't nearly as distracting as I thought they would be. I love it! It took two coats and a thorough exam to make sure all the white had been covered. In between the fingers was where I found most of my missed areas.

I love how it looks with all my other pieces on my dresser. It really does compliment the rest of the decor. And I love how it showcases some of my favorite rings!


I love that paint is such a simple way to turn nothing into something! A piece I almost parted with, because I couldn't make it work in it's original state, gets a little face lift while adding a sophistication to my dresser. 

Are there pieces in your home that you've looked at time and time again and thought it needed a little upgrade? Share with us what it was and how you made it new again. I love breathing new life into tired things. 

And I promise, we're still working on the chair. It's slow going when you only get a day here or three hours there. I hope to have it completed by the end of the year. As for the bar? I have a few finishing touches to add and will be sharing it with you all soon!

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