Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Wednesday Wants - Gray Over-the-Knee Boots

Ever since I saw Rachel Zoe in the look below, I haven't been able to stop thinking about over-the-knee (OTK) boots. And we're not talking just any OTK boot. We're talking about thigh high and I am obsessed! I've been searching for about a year for the perfect pair, but nothing has caught my eye....until now! 

I've found the six perfect pairs of gray OTK boots that I think would work to pull off this look. I realize her's are more on the taupe side, but I'm thinking gray will go with more of the pieces in my closet. I'm hoping my look comes close. I mean, who can really emulate Rachel Zoe? No one! We've all tried but there's just no second best! 
So here is the look I adore!

And here are my picks!

Aren't they all simply amazing? I love them! I'm especially partial to pair number one from Steve Madden. I love the length and the cool tie in the back. So chic and a little on the tough side, no? Obsessed!
What do you think of my inspirational look from Rachel? A great transition look and could be worn for both fall and spring. This look is the epitome of why I think of her as my style guru. She's flawless!
What do you think of the boots? A style you would consider? Let me know your favs! 

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