Friday, March 6, 2015

Friday Beauty - Dry Shampoo

This is going to sound so gross, but I don't wash my hair every day. And, I may or may not wash my hair every couple of days. To be honest, because I have naturally curly hair, the experts say that it's not good for us to actually wash our hair on a daily basis. We have drier hair than most other textures so we need all that oil to keep it healthy. So, if on the fourth day I finally wash my hair, I feel like I'm doing it a favor! I blame the "experts".

So what do I do to combat the oil on the second and third day, dry shampoo! It is the best invention ever!! It really does soak up the existing oil without drying out your hair. And I've found that when I straighten my hair, it's actually fuller after using dry shampoo. They even make dry shampoo specific for curly hair! I get the best of both worlds!!

I've been using dry shampoo for years, I've even converted my mom, and I've tried a ton! Expensive, non-expensive, and name brand, off brand. And I have to say that the non-expensive work just as well as the expensive! Not shocking, huh? So I've compiled my existing brands and sharing them with you.

Blowpro was an item in a gift bag that I had all but forgotten about. When I tried it, a huge clump of powder proceeded to fall out of the bottle. I wasn't expecting that at all! If I were going to simply use powder, I would reach for the Johnson's Baby Powder. The original dry shampoo! Seriously, if you are in a pinch, or don't want to buy any, just use baby powder! Just be careful when using it. Because it's a powder, it will definitely be visible on any dark clothing you're wearing! And if you're a brunette, you have to be super careful because you'll look like George Washington. Blondes are so lucky!

The L'Oreal can was empty so clearly I liked it. Not sure if I thought I could spritz one last blast or what, but lucky for me I had it for the photo. I didn't leave a white residue and worked well. I don't use the TRESemme for curly very often. It's a mousse consistency so you have to watch the amount you use. Start small and add as needed. My favorite so far is the Suave! It's super inexpensive, works really well, adds tons of volume, and smells like grapefruit. It doesn't linger, but it's a nice, light scent for the remainder of the day. And no residue once you've brushed it through your hair. It's a great bang for your buck!

While we're on the topic of not washing your hair, I'm not washing mine again today! That's day two and I'm relying on Suave to get me through! (I didn't need it yesterday since I washed it so late the day before.) We're running late today and I just don't have the time. Thank goodness for dry shampoo!

Happy Friday, Beauties!

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