Tuesday, March 24, 2015


 Dress: Anthropologie; Caplet; Anthropologie; Heels: Jimmy Choo;
Necklace: Ann Taylor; Bracelets: J.Crew 1/2; Clutch: Ann Taylor; 
Lip Color: Chanel Rouge Coco Jean

Okay, I'm just going to say it. I felt so beautiful in this look. I NEVER say that about myself, and never will again, but there was something so soft and feminine about it and it made me feel pretty. Actually, I felt a little Parisian. I love this dress and I can't believe I'm back in it! It's a pre-McKinley dress and one I never thought I would wear again. There's actually a long story behind the dress, one I won't share, but let's just say I now consider this my lucky dress!

This was my look for the Friday night runway shows for KCFW. I've had the caplet for about three years and I've never worn it. I've actually never been able to figure out how to style it. It needed the right piece and the dress was perfect! The dress is strapless, something I don't feel comfortable in anymore, and the caplet helped hide flaws while staying completely neutral. My pale pink pumps, gold jewels, cream clutch, and lilac lip truly completed the look!



Is it okay to say that one feels beautiful or do you consider that to be a little conceited? I have to go with latter, but when you feel, you just have to shout it!

Are there pieces in you wardrobe that just make you feel beautiful?

 Photos Courtesy of Jana Meister.

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