Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday Beauty - Jergens Natural Glow

 Are you ready for spring? Me too! I loved having a huge taste of it a for several weeks. We had some amazing weather that had me wishing my legs were tan enough for shorts. But because we're only in March, my legs are Casper white and I wouldn't be caught dead in shorts! I immediately stared thinking of the quickest way to get a little color without heading to the tanning beds. Let's be honest, in my youth, I lived for tanning beds. But now that I'm older and wiser, or just seriously afraid of all the damage I may have already caused, I'm steering clear of those things. 

Because I'm a 40 something, I remember when self-tanners came out and everyone walked around streaked and orange. So bad, right? And because of said memories, I'm scared to death of try self-tanners again! I see others walking around with a healthy glow, and when I ask about it, I'm told it's a recent spray tan, both standing booth and professional spray, or self-tanners from their favorite brands. In the past, the only self-tanner I've tried is the Jergens Natural Glow daily moisturizer but I never really had any success. It never produced that gradual tan. I didn't like it or dislike, it just never gave me the results I expected.

 So while trying to obtain a slight tan for KCFW last week, I scoured my bathroom cabinet for a bottle of my Jergens natural glow. I couldn't find a single bottle! I happened to be looking for a certain lipstick, and while moving around several makeup bags (yes I have more than one or two), I found a trial of the Jergens Natural Glow 3 Days to Glow moisturizer. It was three sample packets for days one through three so I decided to give it a go! Or should I say glow....

So here I am on day one. All pasty white and ready to get my glow on! I applied the Day 1 sample to legs and arms and waited for the tan to grow.

Day two has rolled around and I'm not much darker. I apply the sample to arms and legs and wait for the gradual tan to appear..... 

Then comes day three. What's this I see? A little bit of color? Yes, but if you look closer, it's a little orange in color! Not the color I'm really striving for when I think of natural glow. I'm thinking sun-kissed. You know, that bronzy look. Not that orange glow.

And if you look even closer, it's darker in all the wrong places! 

And splotchy and uneven. I applied in downward strokes and repeated in the same pattern back up. I also made sure to go back over and smooth it out by using circular motions. And I was careful around feet and knees. It sure doesn't look that way, does it?

Oh, what's that on my towels? That's Jergens Natural Glow! Even my husband wanted to know what was all over my towels. I have more glow on my towels than on my actual body! 

The good news in all of this is that if you don't like the orange glow, that's okay, just use your washcloth, a little soap, and some elbow grease and it all comes off! The rough patches become a little less dark and the color starts rubbing off your legs and arms as well. I think I'll give myself another scrub, wait a few more days, and try another round of self-tanners. I'm on a quest to find the right product that gives me that bronze look of having just stepped foot off the beach! 

Have you tried Jergens Natural Glow? If so, what was your result? Any self-tanners that you love and would recommend? Right now I have the L'Oreal towelettes waiting in the wings. Let's hope I have better results!

Happy Friday, Beauties!

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