Wednesday, January 14, 2015

DIY - A Blanket Scarf

  As I mentioned in yesterday's post, one of the biggest trends for winter is the blanket scarf. It's literally a cross between a blanket and scarf, hence blanket scarf. I bet you couldn't have figured that out on your own! They are made of heavy flannel and come in so many lengths and colors. ASOS is currently carrying some of my fellow bloggers favorites, like this one and the one I wore in yesterday's post. 

After I ordered mine, I happened to be perusing Pinterest and stumbled on MomAdvice and her DIY blanket scarf post. She indicated it a was a no-sew version but I just wasn't a believer. My mom and I were just sure that we would have to stitch all four side to keep the scarf from raveling. But we were wrong! This truly is a no-sew project and one that took less than an hour to create! Check out the simple how-to below!

 What You Need:
2 to 2 1/2 yards of fashion flannel. This flannel must have the print on both sides of the fabric.
A pair of fabric shears.
An hour to work on it.

I fell in love with this Glen plaid! Navy and green are such a rich combo and the extra large plaid is a classic!

This seems like a lot of fabric, but I promise it's the perfect amount! And you will end up cutting some off each side.

Once you have your fabric completely unfolded and laying flat, you will need to cut along the length of two sides. (Note: the other two sides have already been cut either by the fabric cutter at the store.) To ensure the fabric was even on each side,  I came in to the second line of the plaid. My scissors are laying just to the left of the line. Cut straight up the fabric on each side.

Once you have completed that task, start fraying all four sides of the fabric. Start at the corner, pull at loose threads, and continue to fray until there are no additional loose threads to pull. The fabric has natural seams throughout that will stop the fraying which is where the no-sew comes into play.

You know have a custom blanket scarf!! Congrats! Now, start styling!

Check back later to see how I styled mine. I have several other pieces of fabric purchased and can't wait to make more! With the winter we're having, they are going to be worn all the time!

Happy Wednesday!!

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Unknown said...

I need to get to the fabric store ASAP so I can do this! I'm not a sewer at all and I'm not very crafty but I feel like I could handle this project :)