Monday, December 23, 2013

The Christmas Sweater

Does anyone remember a time where a Christmas sweater was worn with pride? You wore them to work, to dinner, to a party (and not a "Tacky Christmas Sweater" party) and you weren't ashamed. I remember said time because I was the QUEEN of the Christmas sweater! I prided myself on the fact that I could go the last two weeks of the year and wear something Christmasy! And, to be honest, I still own several. I don't wear them proudly or to tacky parties. I keep them in a plastic tub under the bed just in case they ever come back into fashion.

So today, on this Christmas Eve Eve, I take you back to the mid 90s and showcase for you my Christmas sweater collection!

This was one of my favorites! My aunt gave it to me and my grandmother gave me a matching scarf. I loved it because you could wear it post holidays because of the navy and white.

This was another favorite! How cute are these Santa's? They are so jolly and they're giving out presents. Perfection!

 This sweater was my mom's and I happily stole borrowed it from her and never gave it back. What I loved was the old world Santa in such peaceful colors. The tag indicates it was part of the Christmas Collection of 1995.

I think this was one of the last sweaters added to my collection. Can you tell that I love Santa? 

And here I am sporting a few of my favorites. Sorry about the quality. But you get the idea! This was a Christmas family photo. Check out my mom's sweater in the background!

Did you own, still own, a Christmas sweater? I'm not sure I will ever part with mine. "Memories, like the corner of my mind...."

Merry Early Christmas!

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