Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Antiques and More

 As I was cleaning around the kitchen this weekend, I had to share some of the little gadgets I've collected over the years. Some I use often and others, well, hardly ever! I'm a sucker for antiques. I guess its because of my parents. That's how we used to entertain ourselves on the weekend and actually, still do. As I got older, my dad and I would attend live auctions. Standing in the freezing cold eating hotdogs from the food truck, we never actually bought anything but it was fun to browse.

Today, my mom and I hit a local antique store and dine in their quaint restaurant. It can be hit or miss, but the hunt is worth the trip! Here are a couple of things from my collection. P.S. Not everything is an antique, but looks like one!

I gave these measuring cups and spoons to a girlfriend for her birthday, and loved them so much, that my mom reciprocated and gave them to me for mine! The stacked bowls are actual measuring cups and the little bowls, nestled in the leaf, are spoons. I added pepper to the smallest bowl, salt is in the little green bowl to its right, because I'm constantly using both when cooking. A cute, and accessible way, to have your seasonings handy! (Note the olive oil cruet isn't an antique either.)

 Now, here are some adorable treasures! Toothpick holders that look darling on any table setting. I love to use them in color combination with my table and I don't just use them for toothpicks. Serving iced tea? Why not use them for sugar cubes or sweetener packets. They could also hold serving picks as well. 

These are just a few trinkets I have lying around, or should I say, behind closed cabinet doors. The mint green milk glass sugar bowl and creamer would make any tea party that much prettier. And, the complimentary hobnail vase holds the perfect small bouquet of sweetheart roses or carnations. I love using little cake plates for serving desserts. Instead of one large plate, I use multiples chocked full of small bite treats. The green serving piece was given to me by my friend Jennifer when cleaning out her own cabinets. She knew a good home when she saw it!

And, instead of just using your plain ol' salt and pepper shakers, why not shake things up by using these sweet salt bowls at different points of the table. That way, your guests don't have to reach for the shakers or ask someone to pass. They can use a little or a lot from their own tiny bowl. Aren't they the sweetest things?

 You don't have to hunt the antique stores for little pieces like these. Anthropologie has amazing kitchen accessories, and it just so happens, that's where the measuring bowl and spoons are from! I also love to shop Home Goods for inexpensive pieces. And, my girlfriend Jennifer who gifted me the serving piece, has exceptional luck at T.J. Maxx! Check out these places when hosting your next dinner party or cocktail hour! It's all in the little details!

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