Thursday, June 5, 2014

On the Hunt - Casual Tops

Since there has been a huge change in my wardrobe, I've noticed that I'm lacking in the casual department. I've got some cute shorts that I've been sporting lately, and I've made a few pairs well. I have a couple of maxi dresses, but I wouldn't mind having a few shorter ones for play. But I'm really lacking in tops. Most of the ones I own are silk, or some kind of silk blend, but I can't really wear those to the zoo or the Deanna Rose Farmstead. What I really need are cotton or polyester styles. So I'm on the hunt for some casual pieces to get me through summer and here are some of my favs.

(In order from top to bottom)
Anthropologie (1/2)/Ann Taylor (3/4/5)

I am in love with cream, as you've seen from this top here/here/here/here. I'm thinking the three above would be perfect with shorts, jeans, and my drawstring pants. However, I'm on a navy high as well and these are lovely! Now, which one ones to chose....

Which ones are your favs?

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