Thursday, June 19, 2014

Beauty Brands - Annual Liter Sale

Did you just come home from the pool, wash your hair, and then reach for your favorite conditioner only to find that it was completely empty? Did you just get your hair colored only to come home from the salon to find you are out of your must-have color treated shampoo? I hate it when both of these things happen and they seem to happen at about the same time.

Lucky for us, all BeautyBrands locations are featuring their Annual Liter Sale starting June 22, with over 150 top salon brand favorites – for only $12.99 per liter bottle! That means up to $41 in savings per purchase on your favorite brands. Don't know if your favorite brand applies? Head over to their site for a full list! Off the top of my head I'm thinking Bed Head, Amika, Hempz, Kenra, AG, Big Sexy Hair, and Redken for sure. This deal only comes around once a year, so stock up!  The Liter Sale is happening June 22 through – August 2.

My only question for you is, how many liters are you going to buy? See you in the checkout line! 

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