Tuesday, July 16, 2013

First Class Airport Style

In keeping with the theme of travel, and my packing for the trip later this week, I've decided to blog about airport style! It's amazing what you see when arriving at the airport these days. I remember when I was younger, everyone dressed up to fly. It may not have been your Sunday best, but you still dressed up to travel. One summer we flew to visit my aunt and grandmother and I will never forget what I wore. My mom had made me some darling summer dresses in the large Laura Ashley inspired florals. Does anyone out there remember Laura Ashley dresses? I never owned one, they were too expensive, so my mom made them for me.
During this particular summer, I had two floral dresses. One was cream with pale blue flowers and the other was navy with red flowers. They were fitted at the waist with full skirts. Vintage in design but so on trend for the mid 80s. I had also discovered hats that summer and had matching floral bands to interchange with the dresses. They were tied in the bow in the back and hung slightly down the back brim. I was so in love with this look! I felt so grownup even if I was only 12!
Times have changed and so has my style, obviously! Today, I still get dressed up to travel, but I take it to a more comfortable state. I wear jeans versus dresses, but I always ensure there is an element of class. Joel feels the same way. And, I'm going to instill that in McKinley as well. So as I pack for the trip, and plan my travel wear, I thought I would pay homage to some of my favorite celebrity airport styles! These gals looks are first class!!
As you can see I'm a huge fan of the dark pallete when traveling! Skinnies, check! Blazer, check! Scarf, check! Hat, at times. All of these looks are effortless and chic.
  Gwyneth Paltow and Jennifer Lawrence

  Jessica Alba and Kylie Minogue
  Miranda Kerr and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Sienna Miller and Victoria Beckham

And what blog post wouldn't be complete without my girl Jennifer! As you know, my girl crush on Jennifer Aniston is rather large! Here is a look back on her airport style.

What do you wear when you travel? Are you the pajama wearing girl or the chic frequently flyer? Let's discuss!


First eight photos courtesy of Marie Claire.
First four photos of Jennifer Aniston courtesy of People Style Watch.
Last photo of Jennifer Aniston courtesy of Star Style.

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