Wednesday, October 20, 2010

An Exception to the Rule

In my June post, Cameltoe: More Comical Than Comfortable, I wrote about five fashion faux pas every woman must avoid. Rule Number Two was not wearing pantyhose with opened toed shoes and I still stand by that rule. However, there is one exception to that particular rule; tights with peep toe shoes and booties. This look has been on trend for the past several seasons and I don’t see an end in sight. Tight colors and textures are in abundance so test them out and see what look you like best.

I’ve put together a look that I think is fun and shows this style off best. I got these booties a couple of years ago on our trip to Minneapolis. They go with everything and so glad I took the plunge with the trend that year. You could also pair peep toe heels with this dress, just make sure they are on the funky side. A dressy pair won’t give off the same vibe. A word to the wise, avoid strappy shoes! This look is meant for booties and fun heels only! 

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