Monday, January 20, 2014

But What About Those Shoes?!

 Sweater: J.Crew (gift/more colors); Cami: LOFT; Pants: Ann Taylor; Necklace: Ann Taylor; 
Shoes: J.Crew (gift) Bracelet: J.Crew (gift); Shades: Prada (gift);
Lip Color: MAC Amorous/Lovechild

I am the first to admit that this look is lacking something, but just wait until you see the shoes! I wish they had been a little more focal in the overall look, but I know they flashed a little something as I walked. They are stunning!

Next time around, I will definitely amp up the accessories. Maybe a heavier statement necklace or scarf or belt. However, I do love the soft pink against the winter white. It's super feminine and such a classic mix.


The Pants: Before and After

These shoes are everything!! Just look at them! The floral design is so exquisite and look at that heel detail! I love these shoes! 


Seriously, what about those shoes? Mom did good, didn't she? She knows me so well!

Happy Monday!

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