Monday, August 2, 2010

A business trip to San Diego and Mexico for my husband

My husband Joel just returned from a week long business trip to San Diego, CA and parts of Mexico. I hated that he was gone, however, my social calendar was packed for the entire week! I’m sure there are many of you male readers that travel quite often and probably have packing down to an art. Here’s what Joel is took with him.

The week consisted of meetings with vendors, visiting a repair facility in Mexico, dinners out and an evening at the horse track. He took two pairs of pants: khaki and black. He also threw in two pairs of jeans. His shirts consisted of: two business casual buttons downs, a long sleeved polo shirt with a deconstructed stripe down the center of the sleeve and patched shoulders, a couple of standard polo shirts especially, for trip to Mexico, and a nice pair of shorts. Shoes consisted of black lace ups, brown lace ups and brown driving moccasins. He also threw in a light weight jacket. It was unseasonable cool in San Diego this week.

Guys, what are your thoughts? Anything different you would have packed? 

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