Monday, August 23, 2010

Another Trip Down Memory Lane - The 1990s

While watching Beverly Hills 90210, which I do almost every Saturday on soap net, I took another trip down the fashion memory lane. Like the 80s, the 90s weren’t all that good to us. We were introduced to school girl, plaid skirts that were paired with knee-highs and little tops that exposed the midriff. Thanks, Britney Spears, for the horrible trend! Grunge was made popular by the musicians of the era: Courtney Love, Nirvana and Pearl Jam. Grunge consisted of baggy jeans, flannel shirts, Doc Martin ankle or knee-high combat boots in black which were usually left unlaced. Very Seattle inspired. There were a few good things that come from the styles of the 1990s and some of them should make a comeback!

The crowd of 90210 was the closest thing we had to the girls of Sex and the City. I was the same age as the kids of West Beverly High, if only fictionally, so I modeled my style after theirs. Men’s inspired blazers were worn with jeans and dresses. Cat suits, or jumpsuits as we refer to them today, were worn with chunky belts at the waist. Again, a boxer blazer was worn, usually in bright colors like red, fuchsia or purple. Acid washed jeans were still in style and the baggier the better. Tops were tucked in and large belts were worn with the jeans. One of my all time favorites was my Guess overalls, an item I think should make its way back into fashion. Today it’s synonymous with pregnancy, but really, everyone could use a pair! I still have mine, not the original Guess pair from 1988, but a pair from Old Navy purchased in 1995. I’m still holding out hope!

Other notables: Sam & Libby flats with large bows, if only I had held onto those. High waisted everything! Pants, skirts and shorts contained waist bands that literally fit around the waist. Nothing sat below the belly-button. Bye-bye shoulder pads! Shirts and sweaters slung easily off the shoulders. I was working in retail by the mid to late 90s so my tastes and look changed. Skirts were worn long, to the ankle, and often paired with Keds. Denim jackets were popular and paired with skirts and dresses, much like today, but in much baggier styles. I miss those days. I enjoyed clothing that wasn’t so form fitting. They were comfortable, hid flaws and left something to the imagination, unlike most of the styles we sport today. Wonder who we can talk to at some favorite retailer design houses about bringing comfort back to fashion?

If you were a child/young adult of the 1990s, what was your style? Did you follow the trends based on your favorite television show or did you follow the trend of your favorite musician? Is there anything you would like to see from the fashion vault? I’m telling you, those overalls will stay in my closet and maybe I will try to bring back the trend!

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