Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Reality Television and Fashion

I’ve never been a huge fan of reality television. I never watched Survivor because I can’t stand the sight of people eating bugs. I never watched Big Brother because I just didn’t get it. The Amazing Race sounds appealing, but again I never watched. However, I changed my tune with shows like Project Runway, America’s Next Top Model and The Rachel Zoe Project. These shows spoke to me and you can probably figure out why. They are all about fashion!

Project Runway and The Rachel Zoe Project both started their new seasons and I couldn’t be happier! These two shows are vastly different, but at the same time, they are creating something. The contestants on Project Runway are creating clothing based on a concept whether it’s provided to them or something they conjure up in their minds. Rachel Zoe is also creating something, a look. It’s either a personal look based on the personality of her client or the storyboard provided to her by a magazine. Either way, it’s creativity at its fullest. After both shows aired, I can still remember pieces that struck me. On Project Runway, I loved the pantsuit designed by Gretchen. It was simple yet elegant. I loved the detail of the added hook at the v-neck. Once unhooked, it fell open for a more evening look. So small yet so significant. I also adored the red, trench coat dress designed by Valerie. With the ruffled collar, the exposed front zipper and the detailing on the skirt of the dress, it added such sophistication to a daywear dress.

On The Rachel Zoe Project, Rachel was tasked with dressing Demi Moore for a Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot. The concept was odd shaped props and Rachel chose clothing for the shoot based on texture or story. I loved the Carolina Herrarais “big top” inspired gown and it’s contrast to the stripes on the baby pool. The Oscar de la Renta gown that paid homage to the 1950s housewife, and paired with red, crystal Christian Louboutin heels, was perfect next to the small scale home. This photo shoot was laced with subtle details and equally over the top style. Just another example of how I find clothing to be works of art.

If you watch either of these shows, what are your thoughts? Have you enjoyed the designs created on Project Runway? Do you find Rachel Zoe worthy of being considered an iconic stylist? I wish I had a creative eye to design clothing or that I could spend a day learning the ropes from Rachel. Until then, I will continue to watch in awe of these artists and wonder what I would look like in their creations. 

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