Friday, November 14, 2014

Home Accents - Thanksgiving Decor

As a blogger things are ever evolving, and if they're not, then I feel you're not growing. For me, I've been going through some growing pains of my own with both the blog and personally. As most of you know, I've been staying at home since April and it's been a major adjustment. I've gone from working outside the home full-time for 17 years to working full time at home in a blink of an eye. McKinley and I have grown together in this process, but I feel like I still need to grow personally and professionally. 

Awhile ago, I tried to add some lifestyle posts to this blog, but at the time it wasn't a good fit. That is until now. My personal style has changed from corporate business looks to heading to the zoo or farmstead looks. Still the same closet of clothes, just a new way of styling them and I think I've made that transition fairly seamlessly. I still provide styling tips, before and after styling ideas, and what's currently on trend and how to add to your wardrobe. It's just on a more relaxed scale than a say January!

As a result of being at home, I've had time to do things around the house that I've always wanted to do. I've been redecorating, doing some DIY projects, becoming a Mompreneur, and I've wanted to share all of this with you. However, I was unsure of how to do it. This has primarily been a personal style blog, but I really want to start adding some lifestyle posts. As I've evolved my style outside of just clothing, I feel that my blog should evolve as well. I want to bring you crafting ideas, DIY projects, share funny stories about McKinley, show you fun things we're doing together, crafting projects for you and your kids, home decor ideas, and of course how to dress to impress while lunching at Chuck E.Cheese or making sugar cookies. 

Today I'm bringing you my first lifestyle post of what I hope is many. I am a huge fan of decorating my home for the holidays. Any holiday! We just transitioned from Halloween to Thanksgiving, a forgotten holiday in my opinion, and I had an overwhelming response to a photo I posted of my favorite nook in our living room. Just a few simple pieces can take an antique washstand to a darling table for giving thanks. 

Here is what you'll need:
1) Table for displaying
2) Wood or glass pedestal
3) Three pillar candles in varying height
4) Beaded grapevine wreath
4) Faux pumpkins or gords

Let's get started! I made this sweet piece several years ago and it's been one of my favorites for fall. I took a black wooden pedestal and added three burnt orange candles to the center. Place two tall candles in the back and the smaller in the front.

I found the small wreath at Michael's and I loved how the berries had a sugared appearance. Little elements like this add texture to the piece. The pumpkins came in a pack. Best way to purchase crafting items is in bulk! You never know how you will use them.

Next up, place the wreath around the candles and place at their base.

Starting adding your pumpkins to fill in the spaces around the sides of the smaller candle. 
Decorating Tip: Always clump or place things in odd numbers. Threes or fives are the best. Anything more starts to look cluttered.


This is how mine came together.

Another thing I love to do is frame beautiful cards that I just can't throw away! I've done this Halloween, Valentine's, and Thanksgiving cards and it's so easy and inexpensive. You don't need to get a really fancy frame. Just a simple black frame will do. For this one, I cut the card to fit and placed it on the table. 

Now it's time so decorate the table. Place higher pieces toward the back and decorate around it. I placed my Pilgrim's, some loose pumpkins, and the photo to one side of the table leaving room for one large accent piece at the other.

Here's the final look. I love this little nook. I added a basket weave cornucopia to the empty space to the right of the pedestal. It's all the area needed.

 There is a small space to the left of our front door that sat empty for a long time. I found this antique washstand and it was the perfect fit. For most of the year it houses photos of McKinley, but during the holidays, it's full of sweet treasures.

As my faithful readers I want to hear from you. Do you want to read about and see more posts like this? Style is a way of life and I feel like I try to live a stylish life daily! Whether it's putting a look together or currently creating McKinley's playroom, it's all about style. I hope you want more because I have so much to share. Like creating the playroom. I'm having a blast! 

Happy Friday, Fashionista's!

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