Thursday, November 13, 2014

Eyeko - It's All about the Eyes

I don't write beauty posts as much as I would like because I just don't really know how to write them. I use the same products almost every day to cleanse, but I break up my routine with different eye shadow colors from various product lines. I have experimented with different facial wipes lately, recently landing on Say Yes to Carrots. But when I was approached to try a couple of products from Eyeko, a UK based company that specializes in award winning mascaras, eyeliners, and brow products, I jumped at the chance! I love playing in makeup as much as I love playing in my closet!

Eyeko was founded in 1999 by beauty veterans Max and Nina Leykind. As of 2013, style icon Alexa Chung joined the company as their Creative Consultant. It is their mission to ensure "no make-up bag is without the companies critically acclaimed vast array of targeted eye cosmetics and treatments." And I can officially say my make-up bag is now complete with some of their products as well!

I received three items: the Mascara Off eye makeup remover wipes, the Brow Gel, and the Eye Do liquid liner.

The first thing I used was the eye make-up wipes and I am a fan for life! I normally use an eye make-up remover from Clinique that honestly stings and leaves me a little blurry eyed post application. These had the reverse effect. My eyes felt clean and bright!

The cloths may be small, but they are mighty...... 


But, look how much they removed! Made of 100% pure cotton, they are infused with olive oil and aloe extract to sooth. Sooth they did

 Next up was the brow gel. Now, I had some brow gel years ago from MAC. It was a clear gel that I smoothed over my brows to help keep them in place. I was expecting the same thing from this gel. Not at all what I expected! It's more like a tinted mascara for your brows and it left mine clumpy, wet, and they looked unnatural. I can't say with all honesty that I loved this product. But try it for yourself. You may feel differently. Cosmopolitan gave it one of their Beauty Awards in 2013.

Lastly, I tried the liquid liner. I'm scared of liquid liners. I never really have much success with accomplishing what I want when I go to apply. That wasn't the case with this liner. It's easy!! The liner itself is stiff so it doesn't allow for a lot of mistakes. And, it simply glided along my lid. I can't wait to continue to experiment!! And how cute is the saying on the tube? "That's where I draw the line." Clever! This was an Elle Beauty British award winner.

Not a great selfie, but it gives you the idea of how it turned out!


Want to check out all the eye products of Eyeko? Head on over to your local Beauty Brands! They recently started carrying this product line and I can't wait to check out their shadows! I'm always look for a new color, especially now that fall/winter is here. It's my little way to warm up my beauty look! What are you going to try first?

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