Wednesday, June 1, 2016

My DIY - The Silver Glitter Oxfords

Do you remember these? I started talking about them back in early May, or possibly even April, and I did work on them. And once completed, it never stopped raining. I was never going to attempt wearing them in rain, considering the paint peeled, in sunshine, when just walking around. 


So I had the idea to glitter them in hopes of being able to wear them after three years of having them hide under the bed. And I followed the format I used when creating the glitter tennis shoes from Honestly...WTF. 

Here's What You'll Need:
Old Oxfords, A bowl for mixing, Mod Podge for Fabric, Coarse Glitter, Sponge Brushes, Blue Tape

I started by prepping the shoes. I removed the tassels from the oxfords. (And note the coffee mug. If you're doing this in the morning, you might need to add coffee to your "What You Need" list.)

Then I started taping off the areas of the shoes that I didn't want covered in glitter. You don't have to use blue tape. It's just what I had on hand.

Then it was time to start mixing. I started with the glue and added a couple of spoon fulls. Then I added the glitter. I mixed until all the glitter was combined and then assessed the amount. I added more glitter then mixed again until I got the consistency I wanted. Since I knew I wanted to really coat the shoes in glitter, I added way more glitter than glue.

From there, I started applying the glue concoction to both shoes. I let that dry completely and applied another. I applied another two coats after that, equaling four coats total.  I probably could have gotten away with three, but I added one more for good measure. (Note: It looks like a lot of glue right now and very little glitter. I promise, once the glue starts drying, all you can see is the glitter.)

And here they are!! The completed Oxfords! Obviously, I removed all the blue tape and added the tassels back on. I just figured I didn't really need to photograph those steps. That would be like watching these shoes dry....

I adore how they turned out! And the glitter/glue held up! I wore these all day yesterday and I even grocery shopped in them. You know that's a lot of walking around! I can't wait to get a full on outfit pic with them! 

What do you think? Would you make silver glitter oxfords? Let alone wear them? They just make a look pop! And, you definitely shine while wearing them!

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