Thursday, November 12, 2015

Cocktail Confessions -Spiked Candy Cane Iced Coffee

I'm on a roll with bringing back some of the older posts from several months ago. I've been lagging behind in my cocktail creations, but to be honest, I had lost inspiration. I turned to easier things like beer during the World Series, and champagne has been my friend during birthday and anniversary celebrations this month. It hasn't left much room for new drinks to try. 

Yesterday was a insanely windy day with a tornado watch for most of the afternoon. I ran hot and cold all day. Too hot with window closed, a little chilly with the window open. And I was running on low energy, so coffee was my friend for most of the day. By 4:00, I had had way too much coffee, but noticed I still had a little left over and that's when it hit me. Let's make a little spiked ice coffee creation.

Now, I'm not one to drink just plain coffee. I'm not a coffee snob, I just prefer flavored to plain. And, I coordinate my flavored coffee with a creamer. It's a little high maintaince, but that's me. I found Candy Cane flavored coffee and decided I needed that in my life and drank that for a better part of yesterday. And, even though I'm true believer in celebrating each holiday as it appears on the calendar, my house is currently outfitted for Thanksgiving, I've been in a pretty Christmasy spirit. As a result, my cocktail became a Spiked Candy Cane Iced Coffee. And it was good!

Here's What You Need:
Candy Cane Coffee, Rum, Half and Half
and a cute Candy Cane for garish

Fill up your glass with the tons of ice. Add as much coffee as desired.

I added a shot and a half of rum. Add as much or as little as you like.

Add half and half. Again, add the amount you desire.

Stir. How pretty is that color!

Add the cute candy cane for garnish. Or, crush it up and spring over the top. That would be so pretty and festive!

Next up, drink! It was so yummy and perfect for the upcoming holiday season, even if it is a little early. And it was a nice cooling addition to a hot and cold day! It would be amazing hot as well! May have to try that next. With maybe a little Peppermint Schnapps to enhance the candy cane taste!


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