Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Paul Fredrick - Summer 2014 Collection

How many of you out there tend to dress your husband? And when I say dress, I mean exclusively shop for from head to toe! I know two women in my household that do, me and my mother. We have been dressing my dad for years and now, I we dress my husband and three year old son. (You've got to start them young, right?) So when Paul Fredrick reached out to me to chat up their 2014 Summer Collection, I jumped at the chance!

Paul Fredrick, was founded 25 years ago and originally specializing in dress shirts. It has grown to so much more since then, offering suits, ties, separates, and accessories. They design, manufacture and directly distribute every item in their collection. And what a collection it is!

My dad worked in an office environment for years, where a suit and tie was a must. My husband did as well. I love a man in a suit! They are so dapper, so handsome, so confident! I wish I could see them both in suits more often. I love to see my husband in his gray, pinstripe suit, crisp white button down, and printed tie. But, a basic gray suit and white shirt can get a little tired, no?

With it turning warm out, you want to give a suit a little punch for the summer. I may tend to dress a little trendy in my own wardrobe, but my husband tends to be a little conservative/old school. So how do I get around that classic style of dress? I add prints and color! Here's how I would style it! 

Okay, okay, I know this is a white button down, the one I was trying to steer clear of, but I love a French Cuff! Talk about adding a punch. Cuff links are a great accessory for men, like jewelry for women, and make such an impression as they peek out from under the suit coat.

Here are some of the prints I was talking about. A classic windowpane is a great way to add a little texture to a suit. A pinstripe is the ultimate button down closet essential for a guy!

And you can never go wrong with a standard blue shirt. Another wardrobe staple. And if at all possible, go with a button down collar. Just a small detail I love.

 I love to pick out ties. My dad would get a "Back to School" tie every August and I would scour the tables looking for the best ones. When I worked in retail years later, I would always shop the tie table, looking for the best tie for him. I am pretty conservative when it comes to the print of the tie. Maybe that's because my dad is as well. I'm the same way when I pick out ties for my husband. But these, these are all classics!

Yellow and red ties should be a part of every guy's tie collection. I adore the simple dots on the left. But, the red one is my favorite!

I am obsessed with this Chevron print tie! It would look great against the plain, white button down, but the blue would look fabulous as well!

Who says men don't wear pastels? Mine do! The pink stripe would look amazing with my husband's gray suit, as would the yellow. Could be why he owns both colors today! 

A nod to the sea is a perfect summer time pop! Also, nautical anything is so on-trend. And, who wouldn't rather be sailing?

My husband is a sweater wearing guy. I'm not sure if it's because I keep buying them or because he really likes them. I am going with the latter. I love when he wears a button down, v-neck, tie, and sport coat. The ultimate preppy look and a look that makes my heart melt. (Side note, the vest on the right would be a perfect way to incorporate his collegiate colors while keeping it work place appropriate.)

 Lastly, what look isn't complete without the shoe! And, being a shoe girl myself, I have turned my husband into a shoe guy. That woven Italian leather Oxford on the left is a definite show stopper. And, not a shoe he currently owns. The Wingtips on the right are a modern take on a classic. I love the use of lighter tones for spring and summer. 

 So that's how I would style my guys. What do you think of my picks? Do they go along with what you think of when putting your guys closet together? Do you have favorites from the Summer Collection? Let me know your thoughts! I would love your feedback.

Happy Styling!

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